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FEIMAFE and QUALIDADE 2011: participation of over 1,300 exhibitors
24 Feb 2011

São Paulo, February 2011 – With the exhibition area totally sold out, the 13th FEIMAFE – International Machine Tools and Integrated Manufacturing Systems Trade Fair and the 11th QUALIDADE – International Quality Control Trade Fair, will gather over 1,300 exhibitors at Anhembi Exhibition Hall, São Paulo, Brazil, from May 23 to 28, 2011.
Organised and promoted by Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado, the Fairs present the very best and most modern of machine tools, equipment and quality control industries in the world. For this edition, the promoter commemorates the participation of more exhibitors from the tools sector. “Due to the 2008 world crisis some companies of this sector did not participate of the event, however, having overcome the crisis, they return with their novelties”, observes Liliane Bortoluci, the promoter´s Fairs Director.

The organizers expect to receive about 70 thousand visitors among businessmen, buyers, media professionals, trade professionals, state entities and students, all keen in seeing last generation state-of-the-art machines tools and quality control equipment aimed at obtaining better quality and greater productivity.

FEIMAFE and QUALIDADE have the support of ABIMAQ – Brazilian Machinery Manufacturers Association, through CSMF – Chamber of Machine Tools and Integrated Manufacturing Systems, CSQI – Chamber of Machines, Equipment and Instruments for Quality Control, CSHPA  - Chamber of Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Industrial Automation Equipment and of SINAFER - Union of Iron Artefacts, Metals and Tools Industry of the State of São Paulo.

Thematic Island
With the slogan “1942 – Brazilian evolution of machine tools and skills training – 2011”, the objective of the thematic island of the next edition of FEIMAFE/QUALIDADE is to underline the importance of machine tools needed to manufacture all products.

In a partnership between CSMF – Chamber of Machine Tools and Integrated Manufacturing Systems of ABIMAQ – Brazilian Machinery Manufacturers Association with Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado and SENAI-SP, the island of 180m2 will show visitors the technological evolution and skills development of this industry  since 1942.


Machine Tools: Working with or without chip extraction – Moulds and Forge – Non conventional processes – Welding Systems – Integrated internal transport systems

Automation: Automated assembly systems – Industrial robots and handlers – Flexible systems and cells – Hardware, Software and Applicatives

Quality Control Integrated to Manufacturing: Metrology – “In-process” and “Post-process” dimensional control – Measuring machines for flexible systems – Integrating tridimensional machines

Components, Accessories and Auxiliary Equipment: Electric and electronic components – Mechanical components – Hydraulic and pneumatic components - Lubrication and cutting fluids – General grip devices

Tools: Manual: Gripping and impacting – cutting by chip extraction and abrasives – Electric and pneumatic – Tool boxes

Services: Banks – Technical Publications – General Services - Entities 

Machine Tools
By machine tools we mean machines for processing metal by chip extraction or through deformation. The sector has reached a stage of development that aggregates today three well characterized market segments: machinery of traditional technology (operated manually or semi-automatic), automatic machines, electronic or not, and systems for production, including special machines, or flexible systems (FMS), production islands or cells (CELL), flexible production lines (FML), machine centres and robots. Every sector counts with important, varied and modern support infrastructure consisting of components manufacturing, tools, accessories and highly qualified special devices, foundry, forge and thermal treatment, among others. Source: Abimaq – Chamber of Machine Tools and Integrated Manufacturing Systems,

Date: May 23 to 28, 2011
Hours: May 23 to 27 – 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; May 28 – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Venue: Anhembi Exhibition Hall – São Paulo – Brazil.
Attendance: Exclusive for manufacturers, merchants, buyers and technicians connected with the sector. The presentation of your business card is obligatory.
Obs: Lack of any proof of trade connection, R$50 will be charged as once only admittance fee.
Minors: minors under 16 will not be admitted, even if accompanied by adults. Site: www.feimafe.com.br

Information for the press:
Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado
Antonio Alves - +5511-3060-5019 - antonio.alves@reedalcantara.com.br
Elaine Tessarolo - +5511-3060-4945 – elaine.tessarolo@reedalcantara.com.br
Monise Hernandez - +5511-3060-4947 – monise.hernandez@reedalcantara.com.br
Marcelle Rodrigues - +5511-3060-4941 – marcelle.rodrigues@reedalcantara.com.br

Gabriela Pomarino - +5511-5582-6355 – gabriela.andrea@abimaq.org.br

Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado - Profile
Set up in April 2007, Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado is the result of a joint venture signed between the world’s largest trade fair promoter – Reed Exhibitions, in Brazil since 1997 – and the biggest in Latin America – Alcantara Machado Feiras de Negócios, founded in 1956 and having as its first trade fairs MECÂNICA – International Machinery Trade Fair in 1959 and SALÃO – Automobile Trade Show in 1960.
In the 2008-2009 biennial, Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado received about 2.5 million visitors at the 50 events organized, which occupied 1,739 square metres of exhibition space, with the participation of 17,419 Brazilian and international exhibitors from various industry sectors. Among the company’s objective is to provide exhibitors and clients the opportunity to promote business, bring international events to Brazil as well as arrange new partnerships.
With offices in São Paulo, Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado counts with the support of 150 collaborators and promotes 42 trade fairs in Brazil from the most diverse industry segments like: Aluminium; Automotive; Construction; Furniture and Interior Design; Culture; Electric, Energy and Automation; Electronics and Electrical Engineering; Packaging; Printing; Logistics and Transports; Engineering, Manufacturing and Processing; GEO Technology; Illumination, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration; Inage and Entertainment; Textile Industry; Infrastructure; Manufacturing; Mechanics; Petroleum, Oil and Gas; Chemical and Petrochemical; Sanitation and Environment; Electronic and Urban Security; Agriculture Technology; Tourism.
Among recently integrated events to our portfolio are: Book Biennial; Chemical and Petrochemical; Consumer Electronics Brazil Show; Home and Decoration Show; Two Wheels Exhibit; Brazil Offshore; Environment Expo; SECOVI Condominium Management Expo; AUTOMEC – Heavy Duty and Commercials and ExpoAluminium.

Reed Exhibitions - Profile
Reed Exhibitions is the world’s leading events organizer, bringing together over six million industry professionals from around the world generating billions of dollars in business. Today Reed events are held in 35 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, organised by 35 offices that employ over 2,500 staff.
Reed organises a wide range of events, including exhibitions, conferences, congresses and meetings. Its portfolio of over 440 events serves 44 industry sectors.
Working closely with professional bodies, trade associations and government departments Reed ensures that each and every event is targeted and relevant to industry needs. As a result, many Reed events are market leaders in their field.
Reed Exhibitions is part of Reed Elsevier Group plc, a FTSE-100 (London Stock Exchange) listed company and world-leading publisher and information provider.



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